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Are you susceptible to taking on other people’s ‘stuff’ or do you get stressed and upset when someone else is angry?

Then making you more resilient to your environment, by strengthening the protective layer around your body, may come up as a priority to be balanced for you in a BodyTalk session.

This protective layer, known as Wei Qi in Chinese medicine theory, is the energy that circulates at the surface of your body, where your body meets the environment. By strengthening your Wei Qi, it can help you to develop healthier boundaries with others and life in general.

It can protect you from physical injuries like bruises and cuts and can also protect you from electromagnetic fields like computers and microwaves. It can even make you less sensitive to the weather!

Being overly vulnerable to our external environment can often be the root cause of symptoms. It can cause us to be easily overwhelmed and fatigued and weaken our immune function.

Every BodyTalk session is unique, depending on your own life experiences, so this is just one of the ways to balance and strengthen your boundaries. It may be that you are holding on to some belief systems around not having enough energy for life or not being strong enough to protect yourself.

If your body decides it’s a priority to address these issues because they are limiting you in some way, then this is also something that might need to be balanced as part of your session.

It may be that you are holding on to some anger, which is compromising the function of your Liver, the organ attributed to spreading Wei Qi around the body.

Or perhaps you have been living in overwhelm for so long that your body is in stress mode and can’t read what it needs to do to heal and fix itself.

That is the beauty of BodyTalk. It accepts that the root cause of your symptom could be completely different to the root cause of someone else’s. And rather than assume we know what your body needs, we just ask it!

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