How BodyTalk help your family dynamics..

If you've had a BodyTalk session, you'll know that it works by balancing what your body considers to be a priority for you. The shifts and changes it brings about can have a knock on affect to those around you but that's usually because your behaviour or view of the world has changed.

There is another side to BodyTalk sessions though that can actually work with group or 'matrix' dynamics.

This works amazingly well for businesses, organisations or families and no, you don't need your boss or aunties and uncles to actually be in the same room with you for the session!

It's just like a regular BodyTalk session and is based on the idea that we are all connected by invisible energy ties that hold a group or family together, but this energy can become blocked or stagnant and create health issues.

In traditional societies, there is a natural order to families or groups and when everything and everyone is in their rightful place or role, then harmony and good health results. Unfortunately, in our modern society, this went out of the window a long time ago!

In BodyTalk we work with the concept that a healthy unit needs to have a maternal and paternal matrix holder, usually the oldest capable or well established female and male in the group. This creates a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energies and brings harmony to the group.

The reality today is of a much more fragmented and long-distance society, creating a breakdown of the support and protection that groups living together traditionally had. Extended and blended families can create confusion and this is when the health of the whole group can be affected.

In a matrix session, we can identify who the maternal and paternal matrix holders are for a group and check if they're the correct people for this role.

Often, if the matrix holder has passed on or left the group, we will need to do some work to energetically pass this role on to someone else, to strengthen and improve the health of the group.

We can also repair or form links within a group, if it's a priority. If you are married, you will also be part of your in-laws family matrix, so it might be a priority to do some work there too, either to make it a smooth transition or to prevent power struggles.

We all know how complicated families can be! The possibilities of what might come up in a session are endless.

The good news is, as with all BodyTalk sessions, we just balance what comes up as a priority, so there's no guess work involved and you don't need to have it all figured out!

It's also easy and relaxing for you, which has got to be a much more pleasant way to deal with your family dramas and make sure everyone has a happy Christmas..

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