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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't tried BodyTalk before you may be apprehensive about what it involves - but there's no need to be! BodyTalk is safe, non-invasive and very relaxing.

What happens during a session?

During a BodyTalk session you will remain fully clothed, whilst lying on a treatment table. Sessions usually last 30 - 45 mins and every session is unique for each client, based on their bodies own priorities.

All sessions are confidential and BodyTalk does not diagnose anything, so there's no need to worry about what might come up during a session. Only the issues your body is ready to deal with will come up as a priority.

Who is BodyTalk suitable for?

Everyone! BodyTalk is completely safe and non-invasive, making it suitable for everyone, including children, babies and pregnant women. It can be used for general health maintenance, as a stand-alone system or alongside conventional or alternative healthcare.

How many practitioners are there in the uk?

BodyTalk is growing rapidly around the world and in the UK. There are now over 70 Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in the UK and over 2000 worldwide, with 80 instructors teaching BodyTalk in 35 countries.

BodyTalk's great results have made it one of the fastest growing healthcare systems in the world today.

How does BodyTalk work?

BodyTalk uses a technique called neuromusclar biofeedback (muscle checking), that uses the arm to establish a Yes/No communication with your body.

Using a protocol chart, I will ask your body a series of questions to identify what is a priority for you at that time. When we have established what parts of your body need to be re-synchronised, a series of simple techniques and light tapping are used to restore communication within the body so it can heal and fix itself.

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